Herald of Holiness - January 29, 1969

A green-tinted photo of two young people trailing leaves in a fountain.
Youth Week Issue

01 Youth Week Issue

02 Bridging the Generation Gap By General Superintendent Stowe

03 Alive Unto God-Through His Word By Jim Bond

04 50 Years Ago... In the Herald of Holiness By I. T. Stovall

05 On Being Young By Milo L. Arnold

06 Alive Unto God By Ron Benefiel

07 The Triumph of the Squares By Tom Nees

08 Faith at Home: Practical Parables The Parable of the Special Gift By Rosemary Lee

09 Eyes Straight Ahead By Mary Currier

10 Editorially Speaking By W. T. Purkiser

12 Those Days... By Katherine Bevis

13 Evangelists' Slates

16 The Book Corner

17 News of Religion

18 Late News

19 Next Sunday's Lesson By W. E. McCumber

19 The Answer Corner Conducted by W. T. Purkiser


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