Herald of Holiness - February 4, 1970

A tall stone clock tower seen through an archway
February--Stewardship Month The Stewardship of Time Peace Tower in Ottawa, Canada's capital

01 February--Stewardship Month: The Stewardship of Time

02 ... Without a Preacher? By General Superintendent Lawlor

03 You've Got Time--Use It! By Hugh H. Gorman

04 Omnipresent By Nancy O. Nelson

05 Do Something With Yourself By C. Neil Strait

06 A Tithe of My Time By Terry Read

06 Pen Points: I Have To By Laura Forinash

07 Helps to Holy Living: A Crisis Which Demands a Process By Hardy C. Powers

07 For One Day By Nathan Hege

08 Discovery: Prejudice By Earl G. Lee

08 This Hurry-Up World By Olive W. Mumert

09 Moments Without Missionaries By Don Heard

10 Editorially Speaking

12 God Can Do in Two Minutes What the World Cannot Do in Thirty Years By Paul McGrady

13 NTS Grads Serve the Church: Dean H. Wessels By J. Kenneth Grider

14 "Hearld Subscription Campaign Winners Announced

16 Vital Statistics

16 News of Religion

18 Next Sunday's Lesson By John A. Knight

18 The Answer Corner Conducted by W. T. Purkiser

19 "By All Means... Save Some": Our Victory Bus By Eva Finch


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