Herald of Holiness - February 25, 1970

A purple-tinted photography of an hour glass.
"I must work the works of Him that sent me, while it is still day, the night cometh, when no man can work." John 9:4

02 The Offense of the Gospel By General Superintendent Young

03 Helps to Holy Living: Feet Like Hinds' Feet By Jim Bond

04 3 Score and 10 By Fletcher Galloway

05 Are Your Motives for Tithing? By F. Irwin Harris

06 "It is Well With My Soul": A Musical Memoette By Ovella Satre Shafer

07 Faith at Home: Getting "High" on Holiness By Rosemary Lee

08 Food Offered to Idols By Commander L. A. Bevan CHC USN

09 Pen Points: Lord, Pass Me Around By J. Kenneth Grider

10 Editorially Speaking

12 Evangelists' Slates

15 Of People and Places

16 Vital Statistics

16 News of Religion

18 Next Sunday's Lesson By John A. Knight

18 The Answer Corner

20 "By All Means... Save Some" God Was Right on Schedule By Wilbur W. Brannon


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