Herald of Holiness - February 14, 1968

Silhouetted birds on a pier. The sun shines off the water.

02 Basic Christianity By General Superintendent Young

03 Requirements for Renewal By John M. Drescher

04 50 Years Ago... In the Herald of Holiness By J.T. Butler and B.F. Haynes

05 It Takes Faith: Where Theology and Economics Mix By E. S. Phillips

06 Helps to Holy Livng: If Not, Why Not? By F. Franklyn Wise

07 Time to Trade It In By Betty Wretling

08 The Sand Hills By Percy Rainey

09 How Is It with Your Heart? By Lora H. Donoho

10 Editorially Speaking By W. T. Purkiser

12 On Being a Whole Person: The Good Work Is Never Easy By John S. Noftle

12 The Book Corner

13 Pro/Con: Letters to the Editor

14 Special Report: General Board Church Economics: Cause for Joy By Elden Rawlings

16 Vital Statistics

17 News of Religion

18 News of Revival

19 Next Sunday's Lesson By Albert J. Lown

19 The Answer Corner Conducted by W. T. Purkiser


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