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Degradation of pRb by Retrovirally Infected Cell Lines Caleb Bates English
Caleb Bates English
IWU Nursing English
IWU Collections English
Full Stack Application Development Kellen Fairchild English
Kellen Fairchild English
Lessons for seekers of holiness H. A. (Harmon Allen) Baldwin English
2020 English
Wire Manager: A Financial Wire Transfer Management Solution Edgar M. Sosa English
Edgar M. Sosa English
Development and Implementation of Neural Network on IT Audit Logs Jarrett M. Sheehan English
Jarrett M. Sheehan English
Basketball Workout Application Ethan McPherson English
Ethan McPherson English
Mapping Burn Extent of Large Wildland Fires from Satellite Imagery Using Machine Learning Trained from Localized Hyperspatial Imagery Enoch Levandovsky English
Enoch Levandovsky English
Assisting Frog Identification in Costa Rica Using a Mobile App Justin T. Laplante English
Justin T. Laplante English
Wildland Fire Tree Mortality Mapping from Hyperspatial Imagery Using Machine Learning Samuel D. Jones English
Samuel D. Jones English
Stock Screener Kyle L. Duncan English
Kyle L. Duncan English
Front-end Web Application Development Telah Dickerson English
Telah Dickerson English
Endowment Sorting Computer Program for Small Universities Hayden M. Crabb English
Hayden M. Crabb English
Application of Robotic Turf Mowing Aleesha M. Chavez English
Aleesha M. Chavez English
Using Machine Learning to Improve Data Collection of Wildland Fires in Forested Areas Kamden Brothers English
Kamden Brothers English
Real Estate Website Marcus A. Antimie English
Marcus A. Antimie English
Using Docker in an Educational Environment Corbin Hunter Whitton English
Corbin Hunter Whitton
Corbin Hunter Whitton
2021 English
Herald of Holiness - December 25, 1968 Westlake Taylor Purkiser, Eugene L. Stowe, Robert L. Lunsford, Lyle Prescott, B. F. Haynes, Morris Chalfant, Ovella Satre Shafer, A. Eugene Hudgens, John M. Drescher, Jean Leathers Phillips, Amos R. Wells, Albert J. Lown English
Amos R. Wells English
Herald of Holiness - December 18, 1968 Westlake Taylor Purkiser, Edward Lawlor, C. William Fisher, Mary H. Augsbury, Glenn H. Asquith, Dillard W., Jr. Thaxton, Katherine Bevis, Aarlie J. Hull, Fred MacMillan, Mildred Bangs Wynkoop, Ed Bennett, June K. Caldwell, Willis E. Snowbarger, John S., Jr., Noftle, Albert J. Lown English
Fred MacMillan English
Herald of Holiness - December 11, 1968 Westlake Taylor Purkiser, George Coulter, William M. Greathouse, Ross Hayslip, Norman R. Oke, Ted E. Martin, Harold E. Platter, George L. Smith, C.T. Corbett, Pearl Reeves, Mervel A. (Bud) Lunn, Jean Leathers Phillips, H. O. Fanning, Albert J. Lown English
H. O. Fanning English
Pearl Reeves English
Herald of Holiness - December 4, 1968 Westlake Taylor Purkiser, Phillips Brooks, Samuel Young, Morris Chalfant, Betty Hughes, John H. Cotner, Ross E. Price, Gladys Haley, Arvin Scharer, Earl Marvel, Ross Hayslip, Willis E. Snowbarger, John S., Jr., Noftle, Albert J. Lown English
Arvin Scharer English
Gladys Haley English
Betty Hughes English
Herald of Holiness - November 27, 1968 Westlake Taylor Purkiser, Orville Jenkins, G. Franklin Allee, Doris Schumann, H. Orton Wiley, C. Neil Strait, Laura Forinash, Sidney Martin, Ovella Satre Shafer, Milo L. Arnold, Esme James, Albert J. Lown English
Sidney Martin English
Herald of Holiness - November 20, 1968 Westlake Taylor Purkiser, V. H. (Voyle H.) Lewis, Ivan Beals, Jessie W. Finks, C. William Fisher, Ovella Satre Shafer, Katherine Bevis, J. Fred Parker, Elva McAllaster, Willis E. Snowbarger, Albert J. Lown English
Gold from God's mint Edward A. Fergerson English
God's spirit in today's world Westlake Taylor Purkiser English
Gideon Beverly Carradine English
Francis Asbury: a biographical study Horace M. (Horace Mellard) Du Bose English
Horace M. (Horace Mellard) Du Bose
Foot-prints of an itinerant Maxwell Pierson Gladdis English
The fisherman of Galilee H. A. (Harmon Allen) Baldwin English
Facing the tongues issue Norman R. Oke English
Effectual prayer : as taught in the book of James G. Chester Morgan English
G. Chester Morgan
The Divine Response James Blaine Chapman English
The conversion of a skeptic: a member of the bar Maxwell Pierson Gladdis English
Common sense in religion George Asbury McLaughlin English
Coals from the altar Henry Turner Curtis English
Henry Turner Curtis
john wesley English
tongues issue English
Church entertainments : twenty objections Beverly Carradine English
"Christ in you the hope of glory" Joseph Benjamin McBride English
Joseph Benjamin McBride
Bringing in sheaves Absalom Backus Earle English
Absalom Backus Earle
Brief recollections of the late Rev. George W. Walker Maxwell Pierson Gladdis English
Maxwell Pierson Gladdis
A Box of Treasure Beverly Carradine English
A bouquet of graces John Marvin Hames English
The white stone: or, The overcomers John B. Culpepper English
John B. Culpepper
John B. Culpepper
Binney's Theological Compend Improved Amos Binney, Daniel Steele English
Daniel Steele
Amos Binney
The Better Way Beverly Carradine English
The Believer's Hand-book on Holiness Edward Davies English
Edward Davies English
Edward Davies English
Autobiography of Rev. James B. Finley: or, Pioneer life in the west W. P. (William Peter) Strickland English
W. P. (William Peter) Strickland
seven churches English
H. C. Thomas English
Herald of Holiness - November 13, 1968 Westlake Taylor Purkiser, John Wesley, Eugene L. Stowe, John W. May, B. F. Haynes, Nancy R. Bearden, Milo L. Arnold, John G. Rupp, Anonymous, Mildred Bangs Wynkoop, Ross Hayslip, Pearl O. Burnside McKinney, H. C. Thomas, Norman B. Rohrer, Ross E. Price, Albert J. Lown English
Peggy King English
Jack Jones English
The autobiography of Madame Guyon Jeanne Marie Guyon English
Herald of Holiness - November 6, 1968 Westlake Taylor Purkiser, Edward Lawlor, Jack Jones, Kathryn Blackburn Peck, Milo L. Arnold, John H. Cotner, Loy Williams, Morris Chalfant, Earl D. Hyatt, George Privett, Peggy King, Willis E. Snowbarger, John S., Jr., Noftle, Albert J. Lown English
The Glory Departed John Marvin Hames English
Herald of Holiness - October 30, 1968 Westlake Taylor Purkiser, George Coulter, Buford Battin, Eva J. Cummings, Leslie Parrott, J. Rex Eaton, Norman R. Oke, James V. Wilbanks, Laura Forinash, Albert J. Lown English
Herald of Holiness - October 23, 1968 Westlake Taylor Purkiser, Samuel Young, Vernon T. Groves, E. T. Adams, G. Franklin Allee, Pat Kenoyer, Robert L. Sawyer, William E. McCumber, Vernon L. Wilcox, John S., Jr., Noftle, R. E. Baker, Helen Williams, Albert J. Lown English
The Beauty of Holiness George Whitefield Ridout English
George Whitefield Ridout